SPF Project Profile - Medina Castle

SPF Project Profile: Medina Castle


Our team has recently finished an interesting project in Medina, Ohio. Read below to learn how our team installed a new SPF roof and saved the owner of this Medina Castle from potential damage in the future.

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Project Information

Medina Castle New SPF Roof


Project Year: 2018
Project Size: 2,200 Sq. Feet
Project Location: Medina, Ohio
Project Overview: Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Replacement
Manufacturer Used: Accella Polyurethanes

When the new owner purchased his Medina Castle home, he knew that the roof needed work. With an aged spray polyurethane foam roof and deteriorated silicone coating, his contractor referred West Roofing Systems to replace the roof system.

The roof suffered some damage from neglect. The silicone coating applied was not adhering to the existing SPF roof system. This application without proper adhesion led to delamination and peeling.

Medina Castle New SPF Roof

While the minimal damage meant that a silicone restoration membrane was an option, our technical rep wanted to ensure that the silicone adhered properly. The decision was made to remove all of the existing silicone and top 1/2 inch of spray foam. The new foam and silicone will guarantee proper adhesion and protection.

Our team took extra care of this grand, but still residential building. Masking mechanical equipment and preventing overspray to protect the homeowner’s property from any potential damage. And his 20-year warranty gives him peace of mind that his castle is protected for years to come.

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Final Scope of Work

Medina Castle New SPF Roof

Medina Castle New SPF Roof

The final scope of work included:

  • Pre-job inspection
  • High-pressure (3,000 PSI) water cleaning on edges and penetrations for all surface contaminants
  • Scarification of deteriorated coating and existing spray foam to a depth of approximately 1/2″
  • Any wet roofing removed down to substrate
  • Rooftop mechanical equipment masked for protection during installation
  • Accella Premiseal 280 Closed Cell Spray Foam applied to a thickness of 1.5 inches
  • Foam installed to ensure proper drainage and to complete a feathered edge
  • Apply Accella Poly-Sil 2500 High Solids Silicone Base Coat to 20 mils
  • Apply Accella Poly-Sil 2500 High Solids Silicone Top Coat to 10 mils
  • Apply ceramic granules at 30 lbs per square
  • Owner issued twenty-year full system contractor’s warranty


Click here to download the full case study

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