what is a self flashing roof

What Is a Self-flashing Roof and What Are Its Benefits?

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A self-flashing roof is when the top layer of a roof doesn’t need fasteners, adhesives, or rocks to be secured to the insulation or deck below. There are only two examples of a self-flashing roof. Spray polyurethane foam roofing is fluid-applied that expands 30x in size within seconds. The foam will cure, harden, and bond with the surface below. Elastomeric …

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Should I Choose Spray Foam Roofing or Silicone Roof Coatings?

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Perhaps you’ve heard of spray polyurethane foam roofing, or a silicone roof coating system, and you wonder “Which one is the best for my leaking roof?” There are many factors to decide, such as: How much the roof system will cost? If your existing roof is in decent shape or not? Where is the location of your roof? Is aesthetics …

spray foam roof with some issues and problems

What Can Go Wrong with a Spray Foam Roof?

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So, you’ve heard of spray foam roofing and you’re trying to learn more about it. One thing to consider when looking at different roofing systems is “what can go wrong with it?” In this article, you’ll learn: What can happen if a spray foam company doesn’t know what they are doing What happens if the spray foam company goes out …

spray foam roofs and the coronavirus

5 Questions About Commercial Roofing and the Coronavirus

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  Over the past few weeks, many building owners have asked us how the coronavirus is impacting our company and what’s going to happen with future roofing projects. Today we will attempt to address all your concerns, being open and transparent, following our core values.   Question #1 – What financing options do I have?   You may be worried …

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West Roofing Systems Wins Two 2nd Place SPFA Awards

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  2/13/2020 – SPFA Awards – Pasadena, CA   WEST ROOFING SYSTEMS, INC. WINS TWO INDUSTRY AWARDS DURING SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM ALLIANCE CONVENTION   West Roofing Systems, Inc. is a proud recipient of two 2020 SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards. The awards were accepted last week at the 2020 Spray Foam Convention & Expo in Pasadena, California. At the annual …

Fast response for Edison Middle School roof emergency

Fast Response Helps Edison Middle School From Roof Disaster

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  Berlin Heights, Ohio (December 30th, 2019) – Edison Middle School employees came to work and saw 70-80% of their classroom wing roof had blown off. For immediate help on a rainy morning, Edison called West Roofing Systems for help. Here is a video showing the emergency repair:     The call was made at 7:00am. By 9:30am, West Roofing …

New spray foam roof for The Lorain Palace Theatre

The Lorain Palace Theatre Makes Largest Capital Investment with New Roof

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  ———————— For Immediate Release ———————— Lorain, Ohio (August 16, 2019) – The Lorain Palace Theatre, built in 1928 and renovated in 1977, was having multiple leaks from an underperforming roofing system. To preserve the building, Dan Kelley reached out to local commercial roofing contractor, West Roofing Systems out of LaGrange, Ohio for help. “We were having leaks behind some …

How does spray foam perform in high wind situations

How Does Spray Foam Perform in High Wind Situations?

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It’s happening. You can’t deny it because you’re reading this article. You’re thinking about your commercial roof and how it’ll perform in high wind situations. I can’t blame you. With hurricanes approaching in what seems like every year, if you’re going to invest thousands of dollars into your roof, it better be around for years to come. In this article, …

How Long Does a Spray Foam Roofing Job Take?

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Let’s say you’d like to get a spray foam roof, but you don’t know how long the job’s going to take. Maybe you manage a theatre and you’ve got plays sprinkled in the schedule the next few months. You’re not going to wait until a large gap in your schedule to get your roof done. You got a roof that’s …

hail vs spray foam roofing

Hail vs SPF – Will a Spray Foam Roof Hold Up?

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So, you’re thinking about a spray foam roof? After viewing the pros and cons of a spray foam roof, you determine that a spray foam roof is right for my building. But then you think…shoot, what if it gets pulverized by hail and I’m back at square one? This article will cover: A few statistics on hail damage and roofs …