Commercial Roof Inspections And Surveys

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Commercial Roof Assessments

Starting a commercial roof repair or replacement for your facility can be daunting, but it all starts with an assessment. We know that you have questions, not only about your roof, but also the project process, possible cost, and expectations.

This page breaks down what contractors and property inspectors are looking for, what kind of assessment you may need and what you can expect during and after the assessment.

Commercial roofing systems can be assessed for a variety of reasons:

  • Damaged Roof System
  • New Roof System Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Warranty Repairs
  • Real Estate Purchase
  • Insurance Assessment

West Roofing Systems utilizes the latest technology to assess your roof system and recommend next steps based on your facility needs and budget.

Chris West, President of West Roofing Systems, talks about roof surveys, infrared roof inspections, core samples, how much they cost, and more in this video.

Commercial Roof Assessments
Commercial Roof Core SampleCommercial Roof Surveys and Inspections

Commercial Roof Surveys for Roofing Projects

West Roofing Systems based in Cleveland, Ohio, provides free commercial roof surveys for all of our current and potential customers who are interested in having work done on their facility. Our sales team and expert technicians perform a comprehensive roof analysis by inspecting existing conditions, establishing roof assembly through core samples to determine if the project will be on overlay or tear-off, and measuring roof area square footage.

Every roof survey is completed thoroughly by taking photos, writing notes and working with the facility owners to learn about the problem areas and how they can be alleviated.

Some of the inspection reports on our list include:

  • Overall Structure
  • Top Membrane
  • Flashings
  • Metal Edges
  • Wall Copings
  • Gutters

Commercial Roof Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

A traditional commercial roof inspection is not as comprehensive as a full roof survey. A facility owner or manager will need a commercial roof inspection for real estate transaction or when they are simply looking to gain knowledge for capital improvement budgeting and or maintenance concerns.

A commercial roof inspection would not include taking cores or evaluating all of the layers of membrane and insulation on the system. Rather, this is more of a condition assessment to check is the building codes are in compliance, whether proper maintenance has been performed and what the longevity of the current roof system may be.

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Moisture Assessments
Infrared Moisture Survey
Infrared Moisture Survey

Infrared Moisture Surveys

Infrared Moisture Surveys provide an economical way to identify specific areas of wet insulation and moisture present in the existing roof system. Wet areas in the roof hold heat and the infrared camera produces images of these temperature differences.

Our survey results will help determine if your facility needs a total roof replacement or if your facility roof can be repaired in the damaged areas. Infrared moisture surveys are an integral part of delivering the best quality roof at a fair price.

Capacitance Moisture Surveys

Low-frequency signals from a capacitance meter identify sub-surface moisture by conducting electricity. These surveys are sometimes used to cross-check and verify findings of an infrared moisture survey (see information above). These surveys save building owners unnecessary expense in removing roof assemblies that do not need to be removed.

Commercial Roof Reports
ImageCommercial Roof Survey Report
Commercial Roof Survey Report

Commercial Roof Survey Reports

Our custom roof survey report provides the building owner/manager with detailed information about their facility roof. This report contains extensive photos, CAD drawings, roof blueprint and a detailed write-up of the roof condition.

Our experts provide an analysis of the roof’s condition including integral parts of your facility’s roof system:

  • Insulation
  • Membrane
  • Flashing
  • Roof Walls and Caps
  • Penetrations (Skylights, HVAC, Vents)
  • Gutters

Commercial Roof Proposals

In addition to a roof survey report, our team will provide a proposal. In the proposal, our experts will outline what is needed to rectify any issues your roof system has, a full scope of work, timeline, and quote. This document will be detailed and used to open a conversation internally or with our team to get your facility project started in a timely and effective manner.

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