Spray Polyurethane Foam Specialty Applications


West Roofing Systems has in-house capabilities at our Cleveland, Ohio location for projects that require unique and creative solutions. Our teams share their industry knowledge and ingenuity to work with customers on solving their facility problems.


We can repair walls, if necessary, install enclosures, provide carpentry when needed and virtually solve any problem.

spray foam over a hut
dome roof with silicone coating on it
salt dome with a spray foam roof

Metal Wall Panels

During roofing projects, exterior walls often present additional waterproofing concerns. Our diversified field staff can remove and replace wall systems as necessary. This work is done concurrently with roofing operations and eliminates subcontracting issues and scheduling hassles.


Enclosure Systems 

Mechanical equipment screens hide mechanical equipment mounted on rooftops. They are available in a variety of models and include framing, hardware, and door panels. Our technicians can install these enclosure systems to enhance the building’s appearance.



All roof installations are unique and often require reconstruction or new construction of a building during the roofing project. West Roofing Systems has a team of in-house carpenters available for these projects, contributing to our turnkey capabilities.


Metal Roof Panels

We can assist with the rehabilitation, removal, replacement or custom fabrication of aluminum roofing panels, to steel roof panels are excellent candidates for SRM or Spray Polyurethane foam systems.