Comparing Roof Quotes

How to Compare Commercial Roofing Quotes

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Hiring a contractor to work on your facility’s commercial flat roof can be costly. From repairs to restorations or even a system replacement, you are investing in a system to protect your facility and everything inside of it.

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, we have a team of experts that produce high-quality, detailed commercial flat roofing quotes for our customers. Every company quotes their customers differently.

That’s why we made this article outline where to find commercial roofing contractors and how to compare commercial roof quotes.

Rule of Three

Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial Roof Inspection

Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, it’s important to get at least three quotes from different companies. By receiving three quotes, you are able to get three experts to look at your roofing system and get three opinions on what kind of scope of work is needed.

Fresh Sets of Eyes

With each contractor that you have inspect your roof, they may find new problems or provide new ideas for your project. While one contractor may want you to replace your roofing system, another contractor may suggest a repair on the damaged area. You want more opinions before making a decision.

Keep the Cost Competitive

Having multiple quotes will also help you figure out what kind of budget to expect because they should be in the same price range. If two quotes are close in cost with the third more than double the price, you can either request them to requote or weed them out of your search. And in the spirit of competition, contractors that are bidding on a project tend to provide more competitive prices.

Where to Find a Commercial Roofing Contractor


BBB Accredited

When you are looking for contractors of any kind, start with referrals! Talk to colleagues, business groups, and friends to collect names of contractors that are recommended first hand.

Your next place to find reliable roofing contractors are National Commercial Roofing Association (NCRA). The NCRA was founded in 1886 and serves as the roofing industry’s leading authority across the US. You can utilize the NCRA’s Member Directory to look up reliable roofing contractors in your area.

You can also take advantage of the Better Business Bureau. You can search for businesses that not only have a rating based on reviews, but you can find a BBB Accredited business that has gone through an evaluation with the bureau.

When you create a shortlist of contractors, schedule them to come assess your facility separately. When the contractors are at your facility, make sure to show all of them the same problem areas (leaks, etc) to make sure their quotes are based on the same information.

How to Compare Commercial Roofing Quotes

A commercial roofing quote will be provided from the contractor after they visit your facility for an assessment. When you are comparing three or more commercial roofing quotes side by side, you should compare more than just the costs.


Make sure your quote covers all materials including supplementary materials such as sealants. Unless you specifically ask, make sure that all of your quotes are for the same type of roofing system (metal, SPF, shingle, etc.)


West Roofing Systems Safety Training

West Roofing Systems Safety Training

The labor costs are where you can get a variety of numbers, remember that the lowest cost is not always the best. Higher paid teams could mean that they have more training, or do a better a job long-term. It’s best to compare their labor costs with a portfolio.

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You always want to work with a contractor that will provide a solid warranty. The cost of the warranty will change based on the length of the warranty (15 years, 20 years) and the type of warranty (manufacturer’s, contractors, etc.). So, make sure you are looking closely at the warranty and don’t settle for something that is low-cost.


You want your contractor to do more than just install or repair your roof, you want them to clean up after themselves. Make sure that your quotes include incidentals such as material freight, debris removal, and cleanup. Those are costs that could add up fast.

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Aside from the cost of the quote, you want to look into how reputable your contractors are. From online reviews, to contractor databases, do your research beforehand. It pays off to spend a little more to have a reliable team on your facility roof.

Here are some things to look for when comparing contractor reputation:

  • Does the contractor have an online presence? Online reviews?
  • Does the contractor carry the proper license and insurance?
  • How long has the contractor been in business? Can they provide references?
  • What kind of materials does the contractor use? Can you choose as a customer?

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SRM on Commercial Roof

SRM on Commercial Roof

It’s not uncommon to ask a potential contractor for a portfolio of work. This portfolio could include photos, videos, interviews and written descriptions of completed projects.

There are a few reasons why you should ask to see a potential contractor’s portfolio:

  • Shows their proven successes
  • Adds credibility for the contractor
  • Ability to see quality of past projects

Pull up your contractors’ portfolios side by side and see their quality of work for similar projects (steep-slope vs steep-slope or SPF vs SPF, etc)

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Investing in a commercial roofing project can be a daunting task. But by being prepared and asking the right questions, you can find the right contractor to deliver high-quality work for a good price.

Although it would be just as easy for you to choose a different commercial roofing contractor in your area; choosing West Roofing Systems as turnkey roofing company will provide you with highly trained teams and award-winning service. Our services are flexible and diverse; we can recoat, repair or replace your facility’s roof so that it lasts decades.

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