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9 Red Flags Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Have

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So, your roof has been leaking for a while. You’re sick of the minor repairs and band-aids that only work for so long. Now it’s time to get a quote to fix the entire roof. Unfortunately, you don’t have a neighbor, brother-in-law, or someone you went to High School with who does commercial roofing. Your only option is to collect …

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9 Out-of-the-Box Considerations Before Selecting a Commercial Roofer

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We all know experience, reviews, certifications, etc. are important. But let’s dive a little deeper. Experience means they most likely can install the commercial roofing system correctly. But experience also means the company is healthy enough to stick around for the length of the warranty. You wouldn’t sign up for a 15-year warranty with a company that’s only been around …

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What to Look Out for in a Commercial Roofing Contractor

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  So, you’re currently having some issues with your commercial roof and you’re looking for a contractor to come out and take a look. You collected a few bids and chose the least expensive option. Fast forward two years. A few storms have come by which has resulted in some leaking. But you remember, you got a 10-year warranty on …

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Should You Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor Near You?

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  Most think that choosing a commercial roofing contractor that’s close to your business is the most cost-effective. The closer the contractor is, the less overhead that will be included in the overall job cost. Right? You would think the answer is “Of course, I would. If a contractor is close, that will bring the overall cost of the job …

Lies roofing contractors tell business owners

4 Lies Roofing Contractors Tell Building Owners

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  Let’s say you need to make an important decision. You’re about to purchase a used vehicle and you see the exact same car at two different dealerships. Which place are you going to purchase your vehicle from? Since you’re a smart decision-maker, you decide to ask each dealership questions such as: How much does the vehicle cost? Can I …

5 Signs of a Reputable Roofing Contractor

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  You’ve probably heard all the horror stories: contractors that balloon quotes, projects slow to complete, down payment requirements or projects that disappear altogether. At West Roofing Systems, we have been called out to fix the work of less-than-reputable contractors on numerous occasions for roofs that were improperly installed, shortcut, or even left unfinished. It leaves property owners and facility managers …

How Thermal Imaging is Used for Roof Inspections

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How does your commercial roof look? On the surface, it may seem like your roof is in excellent condition, but many would be shocked to learn that their flat roof has minor leaks that could lead to mold, rot or even structural damage. Roofing contractors and inspectors utilize the latest technology to get the most information about your roof system. …

Roofing in Ohio: How to Protect Your Building

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  Is your roof holding up to your local climate and weather? The are several types of climate areas across the US, and each has their obstacles that building owners have to face to protect their building. In Ohio, we experience harsh weather twice a year. From snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the Winter, to hot, humid and sunny …

Top Roofing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Today

Top Roofing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Today

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  If you frequent our West Roofing Systems Commercial Roofing Blog, then you know the importance of knowledge when it comes to the roofing industry. Whether you are a building owner, property manager, architect or even another roofing contractor, we believe that it’s important to share what we know so that you are better informed to make the best decisions. …