Fast response for Edison Middle School roof emergency

Fast Response Helps Edison Middle School From Roof Disaster

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Berlin Heights, Ohio (December 30th, 2019) – Edison Middle School employees came to work and saw 70-80% of their classroom wing roof had blown off. For immediate help on a rainy morning, Edison called West Roofing Systems for help.

Here is a video showing the emergency repair:



Roof on the ground at Edison Middle School
The call was made at 7:00am. By 9:30am, West Roofing Systems arrived with over 20 guys to fix the problem.
West Roofing Systems at Edison High School removing a roof that blew off due to high winds

The solution?

Installing a temporary rubber and foam roof over the affected area. The temporary roof will be installed in less than 24 hours. This will get the roof to Spring, where a long-term solution will be implemented.
Temporary roof installed at Edison Middle School

What went wrong?

The gutter on the building was oversized due to the size of roof draining to it. The extreme wind got under the gutter, forced it up, and allowed wind to get underneath the original roof system.

This created a sheet effect where the roof system popped off and detached from the metal deck.

A combination of aged gutters and extreme wind that exceeded the design parameters acceptable in the school’s area is what caused the roof to blow off the building.


How will the problem be fixed for future high wind situations?

A proposal will be made to remove all the existing roof insulation down to the metal deck. Next, ½ inch recovery board will be installed, with a new spray polyurethane foam roof system. New nailers, new gutters and a new downspout will also be included.

This will ensure that a stable base is installed on the roofing deck. With spray foam adhering to the stable base, and with spray foam having the greatest resistance to wind uplift than any other roofing system, Edison Middle School can rest assured they won’t arrive to work with their roofing system off their building.

“I’m very impressed with West Roofing Systems response time, both in communications and arriving on scene. They did a great job providing a fast solution for the short-term and am looking forward to their proposal to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” – Bob Langerfelder – Director of Building and Grounds for Edison Schools

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