Learn About Roof Maintenance in Less Than 100 Words

What is Commercial Roof Maintenance? [Less Than 100 Words]


The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends maintenance and repair be performed at least twice a year. More importantly before and after severe weather seasons such as winter in the Northern United States. These inspections are to clean the roof system of natural debris, clear all gutters and waterways, and assess vulnerable points in the roof system to ensure that no degradation can leak in the future.

A maintenance contract is an easy way for building owners and managers to ensure their commercial roof remains under warranty and in good condition while staying in their budget.


Roof Maintenance Resources

Author: Aubrey Barto

Aubrey Barto is the Marketing Manager of West Roofing Systems, Inc. She has two BAs in News and Media Production with Certifications from Hubspot, HootSuite, University of San Francisco and Wharton School of Business. Aubrey works closely with West Roofing’s sales and service teams, she is up on our roofs taking photos and videos for our website regularly.

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  • Great post! All roofs require a maintenance check. The last thing a home owner wants is to be in need of an emergency roof repair when it’s too late. Take care of the roof over your head, and it’ll take care of yours! Nick

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