Top Roofing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Today

Top Roofing Blogs You Should Subscribe To Today


If you frequent our West Roofing Systems Commercial Roofing Blog, then you know the importance of knowledge when it comes to the roofing industry.

Whether you are a building owner, property manager, architect or even another roofing contractor, we believe that it’s important to share what we know so that you are better informed to make the best decisions.

With that in mind, we want to share four more commercial roofing blogs that you may find useful!


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NRCA Roof Scoop

Hosted by the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Roof Scoop publishes news and commentary about the roofing industry.

Topics in the Roof Scoop include:

  • News topics about roofing, policies, regulations, and trends
  • Professional commentary and editorials
  • Accomplishments and good deeds of NRCA Members
  • Highlights of unique roofing projects and events
  • Roofing technical information and advice



Roofing Contractor Blog

Curated from the professionals at Roofing Contractor Magazine, the Roofing Contractor blog is a place for building owner and contractors to get relevant industry information.

Topics in the Roofing Contractor Blog include:

  • Posts from publication editors
  • Commentary and editorials from industry professionals
  • Guest posts with industry information
  • Articles and follow-ups from the magazine publication



GAF ProBlog

As a manufacturer in the roofing industry, GAF takes pride in educating contractors, building owners and homeowners. The GAF ProBlog is an excellent resource for anyone looking for technical information.

Topics in GAF ProBlog include:

  • Industry news and media clips
  • Contractor training, safety, and business growth
  • Building science and commercial building fundamentals
  • Energy conservation
  • Homeowner roofing tips



FiberTite Blog

FiberTite is another industry material manufacturer that hosts a great blog, not only for contractors but for building owners as well.

Topics in FiberTite Blog include:

  • Types of commercial roofs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roofing contractors
  • Industry regulations
  • Product comparisons


Thanks for visiting our online learning center! If you follow a great roofing blog, share it in the comments below!

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Author: Aubrey Barto

Aubrey Barto is the Marketing Manager of West Roofing Systems, Inc. She has two BAs in News and Media Production with Certifications from Hubspot, HootSuite, University of San Francisco and Wharton School of Business. Aubrey works closely with West Roofing’s sales and service teams, she is up on our roofs taking photos and videos for our website regularly.

  • You never want to be looking anywhere but local for a roofing contractor. I don’t know if they will charge you more, but like you said, they will know the regulations and building codes better. I have never thought about getting a warranty for the roof. I would see if you actually need a warranty because my house for instance is in the desert so we don’t get very violent storms like other places. Nick

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