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West Roofing Systems is Here “To Build The Best”

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Every company has something that drives their business forward. At West Roofing Systems, we have been working on an initiative to identify our company cause and the best way to exemplify our purpose through our employees and into the community.



We believe that West Roofing Systems and our employees are here To Build The Best for our community, employees, customers and ultimately our company. Our employees use this statement every day when making decisions and working with others, “Does this build the best?”

West Roofing Systems is Here “To Build The Best”

We can apply our cause to whatever we are doing in our lives:

  • To Build The Best Customer Experience.
  • To Build The Best Relationship.
  • To Build The Best Roof.


Our cause is built on four main building blocks: Employees, Customers, Community and Company. These are the building blocks that support West Roofing Systems, and we cannot succeed without all four.



Our employees are hard-working and look out for the benefit of each other and our customers. From leadership and administration to the guys working on the roofs day in and day out, we appreciate all of the dedication and hard work that our employees bring every day. To Build The Best Employees, we are focusing on Teambuilding, Employee Recognition, and Goal Setting.

Kicking off our new To Build The Best Program is our new Employee Recognition Program. All employees are open to nominate their coworkers when they go above and beyond, and the employee who receives the most nominations at the end of the year will receive a free trip!



At West Roofing Systems, we pride ourselves on our customer-centric service. We believe that an educated, confident customer is able to make the best business decisions. To Build The Best Customers, we are focusing on Business Partnerships, Customer Education, and Active Feedback.

Part of our new To Build The Best Program is to focus on our customers. We are always expanding our online learning center and pushing out educational content to our contacts and help them make the best decisions for their businesses. We are also building partnerships with reliable companies across many other industries to create a network for our customers to build their best facilities.



Everyone has a community. Your community can be where you live, where you work or who you surround yourself with. We believe that it is our responsibility to invest and participate in our communities.  To Build The Best Community, we are focusing on Volunteering, Charity and Community Involvement.

We are starting our To Build The Best Program by partnering with Rebuilding Together of Northeast Ohio to help a retired Navy Veteran repair his leaking roof in Cleveland, Ohio. We are also scheduled to attend local touch-a-truck events throughout Ohio to show off our crane to the community.



As we focus on our employees, customers, and community, we believe that our company will be all the better for it. To Build The Best Company, we are focusing on Communication, Safety and Outward Company Image.

Our newest technology investments include issuing new tablets to all foreman and new hire roofers. These tablets house all of the necessary safety and company documentation right at their fingertips, they are also used to quickly fill out reports and to assist in continued education.

We have also pumped up our communication by focusing on correspondence between our three locations by utilizing Skype and video messaging along with the introduction of WRS TV to show around the clock company news and announcements.



What is a Cause Statement?

The days where the only goal for a business is to make money are long gone, companies that are dedicated to a cause connect with their customers. These businesses can be high performing while adding to the greater good of the community.

A Cause Statement is developed to define the core values of a company and give it shape while motivating and guiding employees day to day.

West Roofing Systems assigned a committee to work together developing our company’s cause statement. After a few rounds and collecting feedback from employees, customers and business partners, we were able to identify and share our official West Roofing Systems Cause: To Build The Best.

Famous Cause/Purpose Statements:

  • 3M: perpetual quest to solve unsolved problems innovatively
  • Walt Disney Company: to make people happy
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics: to give unlimited opportunity to women
  • Merck: to preserve and improve human life


We are excited to move forward with our To Build The Best Program and confident that as a subscriber, customer, employee or community member, that you will see our cause in everything we do. So now we ask you: What’s Your Cause?


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