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The Two Biggest Fears in Commercial Roofing

Greg PalyaSpray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

The two biggest fears in commercial roofing are: What if we spend thousands of dollars on this roof and it leaks after two years? What if the roofing contractor gives me a 10-year warranty…and goes out of business after 3 years? And rightfully so. Every building owner worries about these things. Hopefully after today, I can ease your worries and …

spray foam over a leaking commercial roof

Can You Spray Foam Over an Existing Leaky Roof?

Greg PalyaSpray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

  Yes, you can install a spray foam roofing system over an existing commercial roof. But did you know that some commercial roofs are ineligible for a spray foam application? And for some roofs, it’s illegal to add another roofing system on top of what’s already there? Here are some common questions we’ll answer below: Why would a building owner …