a commercial roof that needs repaired

9 Red Flags Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Have

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So, your roof has been leaking for a while. You’re sick of the minor repairs and band-aids that only work for so long. Now it’s time to get a quote to fix the entire roof. Unfortunately, you don’t have a neighbor, brother-in-law, or someone you went to High School with who does commercial roofing. Your only option is to collect …

roofing system that minimizes business interruption

Which Roofing System Minimizes Business Interruption?

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Quick Summary: A spray foam roofing system or a silicone roof coating system minimizes business interruption. The reason is that during the installation, tear-off can be minimized (in most cases) by going over the existing roofing system. Since they are fluid-applied, they reduce project time as they are easy to install around penetrations, such as HVAC units, skylights, and drains. Penetrations …