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Which Roofing System Minimizes Business Interruption?

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Quick Summary: A spray foam roofing system or a silicone roof coating system minimizes business interruption. The reason is because on their installation, they can minimize tear-off (in most cases), by going over the existing roofing system. Since they are fluid-applied, they reduce project time as they are easy to install around penetrations, such as HVAC units, skylights, and drains. Penetrations …

The Best Way To Restore an Old TPO Roof?

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The best way to restore an old TPO roof is by installing an elastomeric coating over it. If the roof is in bad shape (seams apart, is super old, lots of wet insulation, or no routine maintenance), then it won’t be eligible for a coating system. If your TPO roof is in bad shape, it’s best to only remove the …

What’s the Best Option To Fix a Commercial Roof Without Replacing It?

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Quick answer: The best option to fix a commercial roof without replacing it is to install a spray foam roof or a silicone roof coating system. Determining which one depends on current roof conditions and what roofing system is currently installed. So, you have an older roof, and you want it renewed. You know a complete tear-off is always an option, …

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Two Major Things Wrong With the Commercial Roofing Industry

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West Roofing Systems has been in commercial roofing since 1979. Over the years, we’ve seen two significant things that are wrong with the industry: We’ll go through both of these scenarios in more detail. But first, I wanted you to be aware that this article isn’t written on opinion. We’ve been a company for over 40 years, so everything here …

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Not Eligible for a Roof Coating System? – Here’s What To Do

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So, you’ve heard of the benefits of a silicone roof coating system but recently found out that you’re not eligible. What’s the best option now? The short answer is to install a spray polyurethane foam roofing system. Why? Because you can still avoid the complete tear-off, you’ll get a seamless membrane, it’ll be at least 1” thick so it will …

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Why Put Coating on a Roof Instead of a Replacement?

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So, your roof is leaking and you’re dreading getting it replaced. How much is it going to cost? How long will the company be here? All these sorts of questions come up. Then you hear about roof coating systems and how they cost half of a full roof replacement. You think: “Is that true?” “How do they work” And “Is …

How To Get 10 More Years Out of an Old, Metal Roof?

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Summary: To extend the roof life of an existing metal roof, you can install a roof coating system. A roof coating system involves minor repairs, seam reinforcement, and the application of a thick, elastomeric coating that’s engineered specifically for metal roofs. If you install the system correctly, you can get a new 10-20-year warranty. So, you got an older metal …

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How To Save Money and Extend the Life of Your Commercial EPDM Roof?

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Summary: You can make minor repairs (if needed) and install spray polyurethane foam over your existing EPDM roof. Or, if your roof is in good enough condition, you can install a roof coating system over what you already have. Either way will minimize tear-off (huge cost savings versus ripping everything off) and it will get you a new 10-20-year warranty. …