SPF Roof Project Profile: Blackstone Pub in Gadsden, Alabama

SPF Roof Project Profile: Blackstone Pub in Gadsden, Alabama


Our team has recently finished a fantastic project in Gadsden, Alabama. Watch and read below to learn how our Spray Polyurethane Roof System is saving the owner of Blackstone Pub hundreds of dollars every month in energy costs and leak prevention.

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Project Information

Project Year: 2017
Project Size: 3,800 Sq. Feet
Project Location: Gadsden, Alabama
Project Overview: Built Up Roof Replaced with an SPF Roof
Manufacturer Used: Lapolla

SPF ROOF PROJECT PROFILE: BLACKSTONE PUB IN GADSDEN, ALABAMABlackstone Pub and Eatery, located in historic Downtown Gadsden, Alabama, teamed up with Lapolla and West Roofing Systems to replace their original roof system. The building had its original built-up roof system along with a metal roof installed on top. One of the major issues that plagued the owner of Blackstone Pub was the leaking roof. The original built-up roof had multiple leaks that were letting water into the building. The owner of the building was tired of paying to patch small areas of the roof and decided to install a whole new roof system. In addition to the leaking roof, he was spending between $1,500 – $3,000 a month on energy bills to heat and cool his building.

The best solution for Blackstone Pub was to remove the metal roof system and install a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof system right on top of the original built-up roof system. The installation took three days to complete, and the building owner was able to enjoy a leak-free facility while saving $400 – $600 every month on energy bills through the insulation of the SPF roof.

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Final Scope of Work


  • Existing metal roof removed 1/2 inch wood fiberboard attached to roof deck
  • Install a new access hatch for roof access
  • Roof will be sprayed with 1 1/2 inches of Lapolla 2.8 lb. roofing foam
  • All foam coated with 20 mils of Lapolla High Solids Silicone roof coating
  • Ceramic granules broadcast into topcoat of silicone before it cures
  • Approximately 40 ft of new metal foam stop installed
  • New roof has an insulation value of R-14
  • Owner supplied with a 10-year manufacturer no leak warranty


Click here to download the full case study


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