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Silicone Restoration Project Profile: Colonnade Towers in Birmingham, AL

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Our team has recently finished a fantastic project in Birmingham, Alabama. Watch and read below to learn how our Silicone Restoration Membrane saved the owners of Colonnade Towers 75% in roofing costs by renewing their existing metal roof.

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Project Information

Metal Roof RestorationProject Year: 2017
Project Size: 143,857 Sq. Feet
Project Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Project Overview: Silicone Restoration over a Metal Roof
Manufacturer Used: Accella Polyurethanes, Dow Corning, Progressive Materials

Hoar Construction was hired to revive the abandoned Colonnade Towers and turn them into offices for a business with over 1,700 employees. Over the years, the towers had become a local landmark for passersby as the big “red” roofs.

West Roofing Systems was called to help with waterproofing the gigantic “red” roofs. Over the years a significant amount of surface rust had developed, along with the failing washers of the grommeted fasteners contributing to the numerous leaks the facility had been experiencing.

The price for the silicone coating system was 25% of the cost of the metal roof replacement project. The 20-year full-system warranty provides the owner with a piece of mind that their roofing concerns are at rest. Upon the expiration of the initial warranty, another restoration application can be installed providing a cost-effective lifecycle for these facilities while being genuinely sustainable and utilizing environmentally responsible solvent-free silicone coatings.

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Final Scope of Work

ThColonnade Tower, commercial roofing in Birmingham, Alabamae final scope of work included:

  • Power washing the entire roof surface
  • New 2-piece, shop fabricated, 24 gauge Kynar finished valley metal installed over the existing condition and counter flashed to provide a shingled effect under the existing roof panel
  • All existing fasteners encapsulated with Dow Corning® Contractors Weatherproofing Silicone Sealant. Missing fasteners replaced with oversized fasteners and encapsulated
  • Treated all end lap seams, fasteners and transition details with RoofTeck® MF20/20 high-tensile polyethylene fiber
  • Base coat of 12 mils of Corrosion Control Poly-Sil™ 2200CC Solvent-based silicone coating in Terracotta color
  • Topcoat thickness of 18 mils of Poly-Sil™ 2500 High-solids silicone coating in Terracotta color


Click here to download the full case study

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