Commercial Roofing Pennsylvania

Commercial Roofing Contractors, Pennsylvania

West Roofing Systems has presence east of the Mississippi River. With our 15 teams, we are able to travel across the nation to install high-quality, sustainable roofing systems.


You can find our roofing systems in the great state of Pennsylvania.


Below are some of our notable projects in Pennsylvania:


Wolf Street Fight Club

In 2014, our team worked with Wolf Street Fights Club on their 25,260sq foot roof.


Our team removed any saturated insulation and replaced it with new insulation, their roof vent was updated to accommodate the new roof system, and a protective walkway installed. a 1in thick layer of Spray Polyurethane Foam was applied specialized for eliminating ponding water. The roof was topped off with a silicone top coat, embedded ceramic granules, and a 10-year full system warranty.

Lord Corporation

In 2011, our team was called out to help the Lord Corporation with their 16,926sq foot commercial roof in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.


The roof surface was blown clean with air blower, the metal ridge vent was coated with silicone roof coating to seal and protect it. After the roof was prepared, a 1.5in thick layer of Spray Polyurethane Foam was applied with a tapered along the edge for better water control. The roof was finished with a silicone coating, ceramic granules, and a 15-year warranty.


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