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The 3 Best Qualities of a School Roofing Contractor

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The best roofing contractors for schools separate themselves in three ways:

  1. They have a full-time service department
  2. They can budget roofs into sections
  3. They have a long history with other schools in their portfolio

So, the roof is leaking again. You’ve been putting band-aids on the roof for a while now, but it’s time to fix the problem.

Who you gunna call?

The first roofing contractor you’ll probably reach out to is someone local.

When a roofing contractor has to drive hours and hours away to your school, you’re making the labor hours go through the…roof.

Let’s say you find a few close roofing contractors. How can you separate them when the quotes are so comparable?

Today we’ll explain the three best qualities of a school roofing contractor:

Why having a full-time service department is important for schools?

When something is leaking, you need someone there right away. Perhaps there’s a small leak in the bathroom and you have a bucket collecting drops. The students are probably moving it, kicking it over, or dumping it over someone’s head.

When a leak happens, it’s nice to have someone to call to schedule service right away.

Smaller companies won’t have the time to come back to a location for service. They may be on a tight schedule set two months in advance.

A larger company knows leaks happen, and every minute the leak isn’t fixed, other issues can occur.


Why budgeting a roof into sections is important for schools?

Say you have a leak in the gym and another one in the science lab. Does that mean you need the budget to fix the entire school’s roof?

Of course not.

Some companies can break apart your schools’ roof into sections and can focus on the areas that need immediate attention.

We understand school boards allocate budgets to building projects, so if your budget isn’t enough to cover a complete roof repair, find a contractor that can stay within your budget and fix only the immediate needs.


Why having other schools in their portfolio is important?

Nobody wants to be the guinea pig. When choosing between comparable quotes, it would be best to request information from a few schools that’ve had their roof done by that contractor.

If a contractor can’t provide those schools and contact information, you may be project #1.

Other reputable signs you can look for:

  • Do they have before/after photos of school roofing projects?
  • Can they offer a warranty package?
  • Are they properly licensed and insured?


Final Notes on School Roofing Contractors

If you’re looking for a turnkey roofing company for your school district, one that hits all the marks from this post, please check out West Roofing Systems, Inc.

We have:

  • A full-time service department ready to answer your call and schedule service
  • We are flexible; we can re-coat, repair or replace your whole roof, or sections at a time that fit within your budget
  • We have worked with hundreds of schools and can provide before/after photos and contact information of proud customers


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