Commercial Roofing Georgia

Commercial Roofing Georgia

West Roofing Systems’ satellite location is in Tunnel Hill, GA – about 90 mins from Atlanta, GA.


You can find our roofing systems all over Northern Georgia from small retail stores to large manufacturing facilities.


Below are some of our notable projects in Georgia:


Savannah-Chatham Schools

In 2012, the team with the Savannah-Chatham Schools called us out to help them with their 19,400 sq foot school facility roofing systems.


Our team power washed all of their roofs and walls, then tore-up their existing Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System. After we replaced their saturated insulation, we applied a new 1in thick SPF Roof with a silicone topcoat and ceramic granules. Their new roof came with a 20-year full system warranty.

G-Force Racing

In 2013, our team was called to install a new roof on the 21,640 sq foot G-Force Racing facility.


We started by cleaning all of the surfaces with 2500psi washing units. All of the gutters were then removed and replaced. A new Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof was able to be applied right on top of their existing metal roof. We topped it off with a silicone coating and gray ceramic granules.


The team at G-Force Racing raised their R-Value to 9.75 and received a 12-year warranty.

Shaw Flooring Plant

Manufacturing plants hold a lot of valuable inventory that needs to be kept in the best shape possible for the consumer. That is why Shaw Flooring contacted West Roofing Systems in 2013 to help maintain their 36,000sq foot facility in Ringgold, Georgia.


We used a 3500psi washing unit to thoroughly clean their roof surface and applied a 2in thick layer of Spray Polyurethane Foam. We sealing the SPF with a silicone topcoat, ceramic granules, and a 10-year warranty.

City of Macon

We have worked with the great city of Macon, Georgia in 2012 with two of their municipal buildings – Central Services and City Vehicle Maintenance – for a combined 52,623 sq feet of roof.


Both buildings were cleaned and prepared, the Central Services Building received 3in thick Spray Polyurethane Foam while the City Vehicle Maintenance Building got a layer of SPF that was 2in thick. Both buildings needed gutter replacement, silicone topcoat with embedded granules and a 10-year warranty.


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