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Since our origination in 1979, West Roofing Systems has grown and expanded across the US. Every location that we have is stocked with specially trained teams that know the best roofing solutions for the commercial buildings in your area.

We are happy to be part of the Atlanta, Georgia community with our location on in Tunnel Hill – about 90 mins away. You can find our roofing systems all over Northern Georgia from small retail stores to large manufacturing facilities. We are dedicated to growing and continuing to remain a staple in our great community.

Our technical representatives that cover the Alabama region are experts on the climate and weather concerns for your area. We help you create roofing solutions that protect your roof from significant damage and costly repairs. Our solutions can also improve the performance and longevity of your entire facility.

West Roofing Systems installs SPF Roof
West Roofing Systems installs SPF Roof

We Will Travel To You

Our teams love Tunnel Hill, Georgia, but they are excited to come to see you! Out of one location, we are able to travel to across Georgia and into the surrounding states including Alabam, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas to help with your commercial roof.

Each geographical area has its own challenges, and we know how to protect your facility from the worst of the worst weather in your area.

Protection From Extreme Wind and Rain

Your facility needs to be durable and can withstand tornado-force winds. Building owners have to take into account uplift resistance and building protection from severe storms and tornadoes. From winter winds to springtime tornado season, the wind is one of the top causes of damage to buildings and homes.

We apply Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing directly onto your substrate or existing roof for the best adhesion and protection against gusts of wind. Our Silicone Solutions are equipped to waterproof your roof and keep moisture out of your building. We can coat nearly any existing roof with silicone to add another layer of protection for your peace of mind.

Save on Energy Costs

We have an office and facility in Tunnel Hill, GA, so we understand the needs of our fellow building owners and managers to save on energy costs. The temperature of a Georgia summer can put a drain on not only your employees and tenants, but you don’t want to strain your HVAC system. Emphasizing an insulated roof system is the only way to go, to protect your building from extreme heat and overworked HVAC units.

We help building owners all over Southern USA insulate their building to drive down their cooling costs. Simple upgrades to your commercial roof can not only provide the highest level of insulation, but it can also reflect UV rays that beat down on your building. In the end, you will save money on HVAC usage, upgrades and repairs over time.

Protect Against UV Damage

Where there is heat, there is the sun. Roofs that have extended exposure to sun tend to degrade faster. A solid maintenance plan and the proper roof to deflect sunlight and UV rays can help extend the life of your roof.

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Do you have a commercial facility in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina? Our team is available to help install, repair, maintain and replace your commercial roofing system.

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Your roofing problems end here! With the ability to solve nearly any roofing problem, our teams of experts work to find you the right solution at the right price.

Our production teams are capable of installing 65,000 square feet of spray foam roofing a day with our fleet of fully operational, self-contained spray foam and coating rigs.

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