Silicone Restoration Membrane

delivers a high-performance and environmentally friendly alternative to re-roofing

Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM), will renew your roof into a seamless, low-maintenance system with long-lasting performance.

Much more than roof paint, SRM from West Roofing delivers a high-performance, economic, and environmentally friendly alternative to re-roofing. If your existing roof is a BUR roof, EPDM roof, PVC roof, TPO roof, modified bitumen, aged acrylic, urethane, or low-solids silicone, West Roofing has the answer for you.


A Smart Alternative to Re-Roofing


Silicone roof restoration OH features a versatile and self-flashing silicone membrane material perfect for commercial roof repair. Restoring a roof with SRM eliminates most tear-offs, cutting material and labor costs, saving you money and reducing the amount of waste sent to local landfills.


Whether flat or pitched, SRM can handle any roof, including those with skylights, vents, HVAC units, and drainage systems. Our experienced project managers and applicators bring decades of roofing experience to each job. West Roofing knows when to repair or replace a roof, giving you options that ensure the best solution at the best price.

Getting the Most From SRM


SRM is ideal for restoring sound membranes on roof substrates with moderate wear from aging and use. SRM restores your roof to its original condition, or even better.


Roof Examination and Surface Preparation – West Roofing inspects and ensures that pre-existing roof membranes are adhered properly to the substrate, roof penetrations are secure and functioning, and that areas to be recoated have sufficient slope for drainage.


Application – We make sure that the existing membrane is clean and dry, and that every detail is addressed before applying the SRM coating. Our application techniques get the best results.


Reduced Maintenance – The SRM system is easy to maintain and can last for years by renewing the protective silicone coating. West roofing has a full-time staff dedicated to inspections and proper repair.


Quality Control and Warranty – West Roofing applicators follow strict application guidelines, use quality equipment and the best silicone sealants and coatings. SRM projects are covered under warranty, with NPR and NDL, for up to 20 years.


Reduce Your Energy Costs – Part of the Energy Star® Cool Roof Solution, Solvent-Free Silicone Coatings help conserve energy and extend the life cycle of your roof. Using white silicone roof coating can save building energy use by as much as 15% to 35%.

The Silicone Choice: The Perfect Alternative to Carbon-Based Products

Silicone is the smart choice when compared with carbon-based coatings.


Silicone Roof Coating Carbon-Based Roof Coating
High Solids Content
– Single-coat application
– High build capacity
– Lower labor costs
Low Solids Content
– Multiple coats required
– Low build capacity
– Higher labor costs
– Higher freight costs
– Resistant to ultra-violet rays
– Won’t chalk, crack or discolor
– Degrades from ultra-violet rays
Silicone Based
– No wash-off if it rains
Water Based
– Susceptible to wash-off prior to cure
– Non-resistant to graffiti
Fast Cure Time
– 2 to 6 hour full cure time
– Same day recoat
Slow Cure Time
Low VOC Content
– 10.2 g/lt. VOC content
Higher VOC Content
Lower Cost Per Mil Higher Cost Per Mil