applying cool roof system to industrial building

4 Ways a Cool Roof Benefits an Industrial Building

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

Summary: Minimizes tear-off, grants a new 10-20 year warranty, reduces roof temp which saves on energy bills and HVAC usage, and minimizes business interruption. Maybe you manufacture boxes…or perhaps you make fishing rods and reels. Whatever you “make,” you must ensure your commercial roof works as well as possible. If you have any of these issues: A “cool roof” might …

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The Pros and Cons of Silicone Roof Coatings

Rufus WestSilicone Roof Coatings

Our roofing experts see it daily – a facility manager realizes their roof warranty is ending, but their roof isn’t in bad shape. There have been a few repairs, but no devastating damage or visible leaks. Most think they will have to pay for a complete roof replacement to get a new warranty. What if I told you there are …