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How to Get an Existing Commercial Roof Under New Warranty?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

Short answer: Install a roof coating system. Doing so can get you a brand new, renewable, 10-20-year warranty. So, you manage a commercial roof and notice that your warranty is about to expire. Now, what do you do? You can call the contractor that installed it and see what they say? Hopefully they are still around. And hopefully they offer …

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Two Major Things Wrong With the Commercial Roofing Industry

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

West Roofing Systems has been in commercial roofing since 1979. Over the years, we’ve seen two significant things that are wrong with the industry: We’ll go through both of these scenarios in more detail. But first, I wanted you to be aware that this article isn’t written on opinion. We’ve been a company for over 40 years, so everything here …

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Why Put Coating on a Roof Instead of a Replacement?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

So, your roof is leaking and you’re dreading getting it replaced. How much is it going to cost? How long will the company be here? All these sorts of questions come up. Then you hear about roof coating systems and how they cost half of a full roof replacement. You think: “Is that true?” “How do they work” And “Is …

How To Get 10 More Years Out of an Old, Metal Roof?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

Summary: To extend the roof life of an existing metal roof, you can install a roof coating system. A roof coating system involves minor repairs, seam reinforcement, and the application of a thick, elastomeric coating that’s engineered specifically for metal roofs. If you install the system correctly, you can get a new 10-20-year warranty. So, you got an older metal …

silicone coating over an existing TPO roof

How To Fix a TPO Roof That’s Too Reflective?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

Summary: If your TPO roof is too reflective, you can add a grey-colored roof coating system over top. Doing so will not only eliminate reflectivity, but it’ll give you a sustainable and seamless roofing membrane that’s made for long-term cost benefits. Let’s say that you own a large hotel that’s 15 stories up. Let’s also say that you have multiple …

silicone roof coating system installed over a metal roof

Silicone Roof Systems and Existing Metal Roofs (Costs, Durability, and Installation)

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

Are you the owner or manager of a commercial building with a metal roof? Perhaps it’s leaking and/or very old and you’re wondering what cost-effective repair or restoration options you have? If that’s true, you’ve come to the right place! The short story is…silicone roofing systems can be installed over your existing metal roof. They eliminate the complete tear-off, make …

how do silicone roof coatings work

How Do Silicone Roof Coatings Work?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

  Let’s say that you heard the term “silicone roof coatings” or “roof coatings” and you’re curious about what they are. In simplest terms, contractors restore existing roofs through the installation of a coating system. Usually, these roofs are in good condition and their warranties have recently expired. To get the roof under a new 10, 15, or 20-year warranty, …

silicone roof coating over a gravel surfaced roof

Can Silicone Coating Be Installed Over a Gravel-Surfaced Roof?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

  So, you’re a property owner with a roof that has gravel or stones as the most outer layer of your roofing system. I’m assuming you have some leaks and are looking for the most cost-effective solution to get those fixed. You may think, “I’ll just install silicone coating overtop of all these rocks and then I’ll have a seamless, …

Elastomeric roof coating maintained

How Is an Elastomeric Roof Coating System Maintained?

Greg PalyaSilicone Roof Coatings

  If you’re interested in learning more about an elastomeric roof coating system, one thing that needs to be considered is how your new roof will be maintained. Are you going to maintain it? Is a roofing contractor going to maintain it? How much does maintenance cost? At West Roofing Systems, we hear these questions all the time since we’ve …