Steep Slope Roofing

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Steep Slope Roofing For Your Facility

West Roofing Systems, Inc. is the single-source solution for your steep slope roofing needs. Whether you need asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar shake, slate or tile roofing, we have the answer for you.

Our teams based in Cleveland, Ohio have the knowledge and experience to install a high-performance, steep slope roofing system that meets any need. Eaves, vents, chimneys, skylights and ridges all require proper flashings for proper drainage and, in cold-weather climates, protection from ice and snow buildup.

We give you options that ensure the best roofing solution at the best price.

SPF on Shingle Roof
Selecting the Right Steep Sloped Roof
West Roofing has the experience and expertise to install the roofing system of your choice, including:

Asphalt Shingles

Economical and versatile, asphalt architectural shingles are ideal for steep-sloped roofs. They are UV and weather resistant, require minimal maintenance, and are compatible with most flashing and edging products. Reflective shingles are also available that provide significant savings on a building’s air conditioning bills.

Metal Roofing

A popular roofing option, metal roofs are lightweight and durable, fireproof and energy efficient. Conventional metal roofing materials are painted aluminum and steel. They are available in many colors and can be formed to simulate cedar shakes, tiles, and slate.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Very attractive, with natural insulation properties and resistance to UV-ray damage, cedar shake roofing is ideal for high-pitched roofs. Installed properly and regularly maintained, a cedar shake roof can last 30 to 40 years.

Slate Roofing

The most durable of all roofing materials, this stylish roofing system is available in a variety of colors, textures, and grades. Slate roofs require little maintenance and can last hundreds of years.

Tile Roofing

Available in concrete or clay, tile roofing comes in many different colors and shapes. Tile roofs can last over 50 years, have low maintenance requirements, and are energy efficient – delivering savings on heating and cooling costs.
Getting the Most from Steep-Slope Roofing Systems
Whether the project is roofing for new construction or removing and replacing an existing roof on an older building, West Roofing Systems personnel out of Cleveland, Ohio are the best in the business and trained for any situation.
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New Roofs

We work with you to select the right roofing system for your new building. Roof Examination and Surface Preparation – If replacing a roof, we inspect existing roof coverings and remove layers as necessary. Damaged sheathing is repaired or replaced, the roof deck is cleaned, and a safe working environment is provided during the project to meet tenant, employee, or resident needs.


Before installing the roof system of your choice, we install an underlayment over the roof deck; ensure that flashing for eaves, vent pipes, chimneys, valleys, and skylights are in place; and follow the manufacturer’s specific installation instructions. Our roofing technicians get the best results.

Maintenance Services

For a long-lasting, trouble-free roof, periodic maintenance is recommended. Different roofing systems require different care. West Roofing has a full-time staff dedicated to inspections and maintenance services.

Quality Control and Warranty

West Roofing technicians follow strict installation guidelines and use the best roofing system materials. Warranties vary, dependent upon selected roofing systems and manufacturers.

Does Your Steep Slope Need Work?

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