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How Much Will a New Roof for a School Cost?

From a previous post, we know the price of a commercial building for a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof can cost between $4-$7 per square foot. However, there are minor differences when repairing a school roof that influence the price of the project.

This reminds me of a time when I purchased a smaller home, not realizing the true cost of HOA fees.

I purchased a condo thinking the easy maintenance would be a blessing, but if I added the HOA fee into my overall mortgage payment, I could’ve purchased a house 25% larger!

Mistakes are made and lessons are learned.

This brings me back to getting a new roof on a school. Just because the project looks like it should be $4-$7 per square foot, there can be extra costs of the school roof.

The extra cost is prevailing wage.

Prevailing wage = In government contracting, a prevailing wage is defined as the hourly wage, usual benefits and overtime, paid to the majority of workers, laborers, and mechanics within a particular area. This is usually the union wage.

If your project mandates a prevailing wage, the increase in labor costs could be between 20-30%.

If you’re in Ohio, prevailing wage isn’t required on school roofing projects if they don’t have a project labor agreement.

Your school roofing costs can also be influenced by:

Size of the roof

The larger the school’s roof, the more economical per square foot it’ll cost. Economies of scale starts around 20,000 square feet. Keep in mind if you manage multiple schools in your district, as having roof repairs on multiple buildings can increase efficiency.


Condition of existing roof

Will your existing school roof need a tear off? Based upon the results of a thermal imaging inspection, excessive moisture may be evident, requiring a tear off of the wet roof.

Pro Tip: if your roof has excessive moisture in excess of 25%, a complete tear off and re-roof is the best option for long term performance.

A tear off can also happen if your school already has two roofs. Per building code, the maximum roofs a building may have is two.


Cost of Warranty

There are three types of warranties we offer:

  • Contractor’s Warranty – No expense or less than $1,000
  • Manufacturer’s Product Warranty – Low cost and low coverage
  • Manufacturer’s Full System Warranty – $0.08 – $0.15 per sq.

*These costs are included in the initial $4-$7 per square foot range

Cost of maintenance package

Another impact on pricing for a school district is the maintenance package. Long gone are the days when schools had a dozen maintenance employees ready to tackle any job.

Now, most schools have one maintenance person, who although mighty, would have a difficult time maintaining multiple buildings in a school district.

We offer a few types of maintenance options:

Option One: Includes a visual inspection and debris cleaning. We also make sure all the drainage components are operating properly. This is a very low-cost option.

Option Two: Includes everything in option one AND we inspect all the seams, penetrations and flashings. We're looking for items that aren't leaking yet, but could develop into a serious situation in-between maintenance periods.

Option Three: Designed for older roofs showing signs of age. Option three includes everything from options one and two, but also includes a sacrificial coating over some of the roofing areas. In addition, there's a call-back feature where additional visits for repair don't cost you anything. This raises the level of accountability for the contractor.

Maintenance packages are optional, but highly recommended. Comparing similar roofing situations, we've seen a 30% increase in total cost between a roof that has a preventative maintenance package vs one that doesn't.

For information on preventative maintenance, please check out our video below:

Important: West Roofing Systems has a full-time service department ready to handle all questions and issues related to your school’s roof.



Budgeting Options for Schools

Typically, schools have a board that allocates a budget to building projects.

Say you have a leak and need your roof looked at. If you didn’t have the budget for an entire new SPF roof, we can break apart the building into sections.

After an inspection, we can tell you for example, the Theatre and Gym roofs need immediate attention.

We want to help you have the best performing roof available, but we also want you to stay in budget with your board.

*Cost ranges are general estimates, each roofing system is unique and costs can vary. Please seek a professional quote for more specific and reliable costs.

Need more information about Spray Polyurethane Roofs? Checkout our free guide below:

Your School's Guide to Spray Foam Roofing

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