Commercial Roofing Michigan

Commercial Roofing Michigan


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West Roofing Systems has presence east of the Mississippi River. With our 15 teams, we are able to travel across the nation to install high-quality, sustainable roofing systems.


You can find our roofing systems in the great state of Michigan.


Below are some of our notable projects in Michigan:



Ferrolux CAL Gibralter Facility

Ferragon Corporation upgraded an abandoned steel plant with materials that fit into guidelines established by many redevelopment funding agency engineers before implementation. Their Tier I Automotive Steel Processing Facility was also required to provide a safe, hazard-free, professional facility and include new insulation with a clean, bright white interior.


West Roofing Systems applied an approved spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for use as asbestos encapsulates over asbestos panels and glazing of windows. Premium Spray Products, Inc. Foamsulate™ 220 2lb CC at 2” thick on the walls and 3” thick on the interior roof deck. Bright white interior finish with 8,600 gallons of International Fireproofing Technologies, Inc. DC 315 Intumescent Coating on 645,080 square feet of surface. Their new system met DTE Energy’s (Detroit Power) energy incentives with the use of R-13 on walls and R-19 in the roof assembly.



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St. Francis D'Assissi

West Roofing Systems was called to restore the roof of the St. Francis D’Assissi Building in Detroit, Michigan. The 15,000sq foot roof needed to be restored to its original condition by keeping the iconic color.


Our team used 3500psi pressure washing units to clean and prepare the roof surface, flashings and ridges. The existing seams were reinforced with 4in butyl backed, self-adhesive seam tape. All of their gutters were cleaned and an acrylic roof coating was applied with embedded ceramic granules. They were able to receive a 5-year contractors and material warranty.

Oakland Management

In 1999, West Roofing Systems worked with Oakland Management to repair and replace the roof on their 13,740sq foot commercial office building.


Our team removed 500sq feet of deteriorated roof and insulation. All of the existing roof blisters were repaired and the entire roof was cleaned. They installed a brand new metal edge detail along the perimeter of the roof. We then applied 2.87in of Spray Polyurethane Foam, creating drainage to prevent water ponding. The roof was finished off with a silicone topcoat and embedded ceramic granules. Their new roof system gave them an R-Value of 20.125.

General Motors Corporate Holdings

In 2003, GM called our team at West Roofing Systems to help update 9,555sq feet of their commercial roof in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


We were able to repairs some aspects of their roof that had saturated insulation and scarified (tore up) the rest of the gravel built up roof system. They received a brand new Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System with a silicone top coat.

Detroit Institute of Arts

In 2005, the Detroit Institute of Arts underwent facility renovations and called on West Roofing Systems for help.


We worked on the 75,000 sq foot North and South wings of the building installing 3in thick Sprat Polyurethane Foam Roofing with a silicone top coat. To meet their timeline, our team installed 4,000 sq feet of SPF a day.


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