Commercial Roofing Illinois

Commercial Roofing Illinois

West Roofing Systems has presence east of the Mississippi River. With our 15 teams, we are able to travel across the nation to install high-quality, sustainable roofing systems.


You can find our roofing systems in the great state of Illinois.


Below are some of our notable projects in Illinois:



Prairie State College

West Roofing has a long-term relationship with the Prairie State College director of facilities with previous projects from other organizations dating back to 1993. He contacted West Roofing to work with his design professional on the plans and installation for a new SPF roof on a six-story university building.


We removed the entire existing Single-Ply EPDM Membrane and saturated insulation. Then we robotically installed Spray Polyurethane Foam with a perfect 1/8″ taper. The roof was finalized with 39 mils of Neogard Urethane with granules.

Pursell Industries

Pursell Industries called West Roofing Systems to help with their Shipping Office and Laboratory Roofs in Winterhaven, Illinois.


For their Shipping Office, we removed all of the loose gravel, swept the roof surface clean and removed all of the damaged roofing membrane. We then applied a cold-applied asphalt to the areas prone for leaking. With their Laboratory, we repaired any of their damaged shingles and applied a roof coating, giving them a seamless, waterproof membrane.

Marshal Fields

The team at Marshal Fields called West Roofing systems, to replace their 12,800 sq foot roof in 1997.


West Roofing Systems, vacuumed up all of the loose gravel and dirt on their roof, then they power washed and repaired any blisters. A 1.5in thick layer of Spray Polyurethane Foam was specialty applied to help with ponding water and finished with a silicone coating and ceramic granules.


Their new roof increased their R-Value to 11.

Dow Chemical

You may have heard of Dow Chemical, West Roofing assisted with part of their 13,780sq foot roof in 2003.


The West Roofing Team hydro-vacuumed their loose gravel and dirt from the roof surface and repaired and blistering. The saturated was replaced,  a 1.5in thick layer of Spray Polyurethane Foam was applied specifically to avoid ponding water and finished with a silicone coating and ceramic granules. They requested that walking paths be created with darker granules across the roof for their maintenance team.


Their new roof increased their R-Value to 13.


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