Membrane Roof Blisters: Causes, Prevention, and Repair

Membrane Roof Blisters: Causes, Prevention, and Repair

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 As weather changes from season to season, it’s important to keep up with your maintenance plan to keep your roof in working order. With weather changes, roof blisters may appear on your commercial flat roof. While roof blisters may not need immediate attention, if left unmonitored, they could lead to saturated insulation and a damaged membrane. Roof blisters are not …

Spray on Roof Coating Restoration

Spray on Roof Coatings: What Is It and Are You Eligible?

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Summary: Roof coatings are similar to a very thick paint that’s engineered to restore an existing roof. Most building owners choose this option because it minimizes tear-off, creates a seamless membrane, lowers energy costs, and provides a new 10-20-year warranty.  You’ve probably heard or read about commercial roof coatings and how they can save you money and energy costs while …

Commercial Roof Surveys and Inspections

Do I Need a Commercial Roof Inspection or Survey?

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  While the terms ‘Commercial Roof Survey’ and ‘Commercial Roof Inspection’ tend to be interchangeable, there is a slight difference the two types of commercial roof assessments. Companies call West Roofing Systems every day to have their roof inspected, it’s our job to help our customers decide if they really do need a roof inspection or if what they need …

Commercial Roof Leak: What to do

My Commercial Roof is Leaking: What Can I Do?

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  The worst time to realize that you need a roof repair is during a rain storm…but it happens. In the morning, everything will be fine but that afternoon shower could bring a stream of water into your commercial or industrial facility. Don’t Panic! Over the past 40 years, our team of roofing experts has seen this happen more than …