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9 Out-of-the-Box Considerations Before Selecting a Commercial Roofer

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We all know experience, reviews, certifications, etc. are important. But let’s dive a little deeper. Experience means they most likely can install the commercial roofing system correctly. But experience also means the company is healthy enough to stick around for the length of the warranty. You wouldn’t sign up for a 15-year warranty with a company that’s only been around …

roofing system that minimizes business interruption

Which Roofing System Minimizes Business Interruption?

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Quick Summary: A spray foam roofing system or a silicone roof coating system minimizes business interruption. The reason is because on their installation, they can minimize tear-off (in most cases), by going over the existing roofing system. Since they are fluid-applied, they reduce project time as they are easy to install around penetrations, such as HVAC units, skylights, and drains. Penetrations …

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How to Cost-Effectively Restore a Unique or Unusual Roofing System?

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Quick Summary – the answer is a fluid-applied roofing system. Since they are fluid-applied, they can go around, up, or down anything on a roof without interruption. Penetrations interrupt a traditional roofing system’s installation, causing more labor hours to install.  Depending on your experience, one might think a roof is unique, and another might think it’s just… another roof.  What …

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11 Common Roofing Issues Solved Easier with Spray Foam

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Commercial roofs have issues just like your car does. Think of the possible issues your car can have: There are so many issues with your car that the list can go on forever. It’s the same thing with commercial roofing. But what most people don’t know is that there’s a solution called spray polyurethane foam roofing. If you’re unfamiliar with …

TPO vs. Spray Foam Roofing: A Direct Comparison

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You know you need a new roof; it’s just a matter of which roofing system to choose. In this article, we’ll compare spray foam roofing and TPO. Here’s what we’ll discuss: And so you’re aware, this article has been read, edited, and approved for publishing by a commercial roofing expert with more than 30 years of commercial roofing experience. How …

What Maintenance Is Required After a Spray Foam Roof Is Installed?

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People always say, “We got a spray foam roof installed with a 20-year warranty, so why do I need a maintenance contract”? We’ll solve this debate in this article. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractor’s Association) recommends all roofing systems get inspected twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. The reason is that in the Spring, you’re seeing what happened …

What Are the Capabilities of Spray Foam Roofing?

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Quick summary: Spray foam can be installed over any existing roofing system. It can also go over flat, sloped, and irregular-shaped roofs. Since spray foam is fluid-applied, it can be installed around any pipe, skylight, or drain quickly. It can go up, over, and down any vertical wall in one continuous application. A spray foam roof can be renewed over and …

What’s the Best Option to Fix a Flat, Commercial Roof

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Summary: When installed correctly, spray foam roofing or a roof coating system is the best option to fix a flat, commercial roof. This is because they minimize tear-off. Minimizing tear-off reduces labor hours and landfill contributions. Both systems get the roof under a new warranty. They also provide a seamless membrane that’s easy to maintain, easy to install around penetrations, and …