Commercial Roofing Ohio

Commercial Roofing Ohio

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West Roofing Systems’ Headquarters is located in LaGrange, OH – about 30 mins from Cleveland.


You can find our roofing systems all over Ohio from small retail stores to large manufacturing facilities. Ohio weather can be unpredictable and unforgiving, from wicked winters to harsh, hot summers. That’s why our roofing systems are preferred to last decades and protect facilities.



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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

During the winter months, a major concourse in this international airport developed over 30 leaks in the main corridor and some of the vendor locations.


During the 80,000 square foot project, we removed gravel ballast and saturated roofing, attached ½” DensDeck to areas of roof tear-off, restored 8,000 square feet of EPDM instead of complete roof replacement, and applied 1.5″ of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) over Built up roof membranes.


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Playhouse Square Theater

Since their first SPF roof installation in 1972, Playhouse Square has insisted on the use of SPF roofs – the most sustainable, environmentally responsible, energy efficient, and cost-effective system available. Portions of this foam work, especially over the windows of the vertical auditorium walls, had to be installed to appear as though no work had been done to the original construction.


During the 7,000 square foot project, we renovated and installed LEED certified SPF roofing, installed new dimensional framing supports for the attachment of 1,600 square feet of new 5/8” CDX plywood, applied 7,000 square feet of theater quality foam roofing and insulation.


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Dunlap Hospital

The existing roof assembly mainly consisted of ballasted EPDM with insulation board over a concrete deck. Four sections of the roof were to be done separately, with sections requiring simple re-coating while other sections required complete removal of the existing roof.


During the 16,000 square foot project, we removed the ballast, EPDM, insulation board and debris for recycling, a base coat, topcoat and granules were applied over the SPF roof.


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Berea City School District

This re-roof project for the Berea City School District was economical and environmentally responsible. 11 of 14 buildings in the district had roof leaks. STS financing, in conjunction with Ohio House Bill 254, allowed the district to finance energy improvements with proven paybacks.


During the 522,595 square foot, 11 building project, we removed 385,000 square feet of roofing material, applied a 1.5″ of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and 20-mils of silicone coating and broadcast roofing granules.


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Ohio Turnpike Commission

Removing the existing 16-year-old roof system that developed two persistent leaks. The Ohio Turnpike Commission requested a long-term roofing solution that would provide energy savings, be as environmentally friendly as possible, and allow for continued facility operation during the project.


During the 6,000 square foot project, we removed the roof’s existing river rock ballast and EPDM membrane, installed a new ½” thick high-density wood fiberboard, and applied a 2 ½” thick layer of soy spray polyurethane foam with a 12-mil thick base coat of silicone coating and a 13-mil thick solvent-free topcoat.


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Ohio Lutheran Church

To help the church keep within budget, West Roofing prioritized the re-roofing project in four sections, according to the extent of roof damage and leaks.


During the 13,000 square foot project, we applied SPF roofing over the classroom section of the building, existing exterior HVAC ductwork and  over a built-up sloped roof.


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