Silicone Wall Restoration

a protective coating system that waterproofs, restores, and protects

Silicone Wall Restoration (SWR), is a protective coating system that waterproofs restore and protects exterior walls of commercial, municipal, and industrial buildings. The benefits of our silicone roofing systems are ideal for vertical wall restorations, delivering superior weather protection and durability.


With SWR, West Roofing Systems can help you prevent deterioration and moisture intrusion into all types of wall assemblies, including masonry, brick, or block structures.


Exterior Waterproofing Performance and Price Beyond Compare


Replacing aged and peeling or cracking paint on structurally sound, exterior walls with a silicone membrane provides a seamless, low-maintenance coating that protects walls with long-lasting exterior waterproofing performance.


SWR coatings and sealants are cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Available in custom colors to match existing wall colors – you’ll love the way your restored walls look. Single-coat application and no primer coat reduce labor costs and save you money.