Commercial Roof Inspections and Surveys

get a comprehensive roof analysis

Roof Inspections / Roof Survey


West Roofing Systems sales team and expert technicians perform a comprehensive roof analysis by inspecting existing conditions, establishing roof assembly through core samples to determine if the project will be on overlay or tear-off, and measuring roof area square footage. Example roof inspection points include structural and membrane condition, as well as flashing, metal edge, wall coping, and gutter condition. Our professionals have an average of 19 year’s experience with all types of roofing systems.



Roof Inspection Report/Proposal


Our custom roof inspection report provides the building owner with a detailed analysis of the roof’s condition; recommendations for repair, maintenance, or replacement; a detailed proposal identifying the scope of work; CAD drawings; project-specific photographs; and detailed costs with the scope of work recommendations.



Infrared Moisture Survey


Provides an economical way to identify specific areas of laden, wet insulation and moisture present in the existing roof system. Wet areas in the roof hold heat and the infrared camera produces images of these temperature differences. Survey results help determine if a total roof replacement is necessary and save building owners the cost of removing roof assemblies that do not need to be removed. Infrared moisture surveys are an integral part of delivering the best quality roof at a fair price.



Capacitance Moisture Survey


Low-frequency signals from a capacitance meter identify sub-surface moisture by conducting electricity. These surveys are sometimes used to cross-check and verify findings of an infrared moisture survey (see information above). These surveys save building owners unnecessary expense in removing roof assemblies that do not need to be removed.