Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repair Services

extend the life of your roof

Durable spray polyurethane foam and silicone coating roofing systems are easy to maintain. Without mechanical fasteners and seams, moisture problems and potential leaking are significantly reduced. Ensuring proper maintenance extends the life of the roof and the manufacturer’s warranty period. West Roofing Systems is a commercial roof maintenance company that has a full-time dedicated staff to fulfill maintenance contracts and provide proper repair of identified deficiencies.


Maintenance Contracts


Supporting services for these contracts are performed either annually or bi-annually at the direction of the building owner and provide low-cost preventative maintenance to protect the roof investment. Debris is removed from the roof to ensure clear drainage, and West Roofing Systems’ technicians perform a thorough inspection to identify potential problem areas and sources of leaks.


All Roof Systems


Regardless of roof type or condition, whether or not West Roofing Systems installed it, we can provide maintenance and repair services to address all of a building owner’s roofing needs promptly.  We are a commercial roof maintenance Ohio company that can help you.


Penetration Flashing


Additional roof penetrations can be flashed quickly at a very low cost. Our dedicated staff can accommodate any contractor’s or building owner’s needs for new roof penetration installation.

Rufus, MaRS Program

The MARS Program


Protect Your Investment & Extend the Life of Your Roof! From the first day, your roof is installed, it begins to age. Your roof’s life cycle is influenced by weather, physical damage, rooftop traffic, and neglect. Ongoing maintenance to your roof will yield long-term savings by extending the roof system’s life cycle.


The MARS program offers three levels to fit your roofing needs.