5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Spring

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Have you heard? Spring is here… at least in some places! Is your facility ready to tackle the sun and the rain? It takes thinking ahead and preparation to prevent leaks and other roof issues during the spring months.

West Roofing Systems has locations all over the US; our teams install quality roofs that are made to withstand the wet spring weather. We work with commercial facility owners and managers every year to prepare their buildings for the spring season.

Here are five tips to prepare your flat roof for spring.

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Schedule A Roof Inspection

After winter weather hits, it’s essential to get a professional on your roof. A licensed contractor or inspector should walk your roof and look for damage or areas of potential damage. It’s important to fix any issues with your roof system because when spring rain comes, it can turn minor problems into the major issues very quickly. Regular inspections should be performed before and after summer to ensure you don’t run into surprise puddles in your facility.

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Clean Your Roof of Debris

While your roof is being inspected for potential problems, it’s important to prevent issues by making sure your roof and gutters are clean of debris.

When the snow melts, the water needs a place to go. Make sure all of your gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves, twigs and other debris to prevent water from backing up and sitting on your rooftop. As Spring comes and goes, flowers and fruit blooming and falling on your roof can cause a backup of water flow. Keep an eye on your surrounding trees to make sure they are not filling up your gutters.

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Clear Any Animal Nests

Springtime is when animals like to come out and make nests wherever they can find the space. These nests bring animals to your facility where they can cause significant damage through digging, chewing, burrowing and creating messes.

It’s important to clear any nests before the animals lay eggs or have babies living on your roof. An animal can become dangerous when they are trying to protect their young.


Evaluate Adjacent Areas

It’s not only important to examine your roof and facility, but you also need to look at the surrounding areas adjacent to your facility. It’s important to know these potential hazards as you enter the warm weather season so that you and your contractor are prepared.

Spalling Masonry

During the winter months, moisture will collect between bricks and concrete. When that moisture freezes into ice, it expands and causes the bricks and concrete to separate from each other and fall out of place. This can be dangerous to people walking below.

Gather Important Documents

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A roof leak can put anyone into a panic. It’s important that you have all of your essential information and documents in one place. You need to make sure that you are protected against a roof leak and that you know who to contact.

Review Your Warranty

Look back at your files to review your current roofing system’s warranty. It’s important to know what your warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. You also want to make sure that your roof is still under warranty and that you are taking the proper steps to stay under warranty.


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If you have recently installed a new roofing system, make sure to contact your contractor to see if they can help prepare for the Spring weather.

At West Roofing Systems, we take pride in the new roofs we install and the maintenance we provide for our customers and their commercial, industrial and manufacturing buildings. Our M.a.R.S. (Maintenance and Repair Service) Program is available for new and existing roof systems.

Choosing West Roofing Systems as a turnkey roofing company will provide you with highly trained teams and award-winning service. Our services are flexible and diverse; we can recoat, repair or replace your facility’s roof so that it lasts decades.

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