Vegetative “Green” Roofing

"Green Roofs" with plenty of aesthetically pleasing rooftop vegetation

Vegetative roofs are literally “Green Roofs,” with plenty of aesthetically pleasing rooftop vegetation. Vegetative roofs provide protection to the underlying waterproofing system and add insulation against exterior heat, cold, and sound.

Depending upon plant selection and desired landscaping designs, systems are available from 11 pounds per square foot to 44 pounds per square foot to accommodate roofing architectures and structures. Modular, pre-planted designs are delivered to the building site ready to install. Our Crane/Hoisting Service capabilities enable us to lift each component to the roof for assembly.

Because the vegetative roof system used by West Roofing is modular, there is always easy access to roof surfaces for inspection, maintenance, and repair.


Benefits of vegetative roofs include:


  • Reduced energy costs and urban heat island effect
  • Storm water management
  • Sound insulation
  • Extended roof life
  • Added building value and aesthetics